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Pain-free websites

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Giving textile art the exposure it deserves, one artist website at a time! Introduce your work to a whole new audience through a professional online presence to stylishly showcase your art, engage potential buyers, and build your reputation.

Share your work with the world

Share your work with the world

and grow your reputation

Having a website is essential, making it one of the most important investments you’ll make as an artist and as a business person. Unfortunately many textile and fiber artists have chosen free platforms; these can often look ‘thrown together’ making the artists associated with them seem unprofessional.

Sleek, stress-free websites at competitive prices

Sleek, stress-free websites

at competitive prices

Most textile and fiber artists are best served by a simple contemporary website, whilst others may need a little more versatility. Whatever the requirements, our priority is making your artwork the focus, ensuring it is never overshadowed by unnecessary distractions and flashy design.

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The Ultimate Website Guide – Planning the content for your artist website


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Artist online portfolio FAQs

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Which package will serve me best?

Typically speaking, we recommend that artists go for the Artist Online Portfolio Extra, which is our mid-priced option. This provides all the basics, plus more customisation than the Basic package (allowing the site to express your personality somewhat) and an easily-updateable Blog. With this package you can also stylishly integrate the site with Social Media and add a newsletter sign-up. What’s more, you’ll get your own personal email address connected to the site and we’ll make suggestions for improvements to your content, which will help the site be more search-engine friendly and allow you to be found easily on Google.

What happens after I sign up?

We’ll get in touch with you within an hour of receiving your payment with further instructions on your next steps. You’ll need to complete a short questionnaire that guides us in building your site. We’ll also send you guidelines for sending us the text and images for your site. After that, if you’d like to talk to us we’re very happy to call you for a chat about your website.

Why do I have to pay a set-up fee and a monthly recurring fee?

The set-up fee includes everything we do to get your site up and running and looking great; this will vary depending on the package you choose, but whichever option you go for we’ll take great pride in building you a professional website and presenting your work in its best possible light. The monthly fee covers hosting. Having a place to host your site keeps it online. Along with the hosting you can also access the Support at WP Engine in case you are experiencing problems with the maintenance of your site.

How long do I have to pay for hosting?

You’ll initially sign up for a year of hosting with us. After that you renew annually. Once we have built the site, it is your property, so you are free to host it elsewhere if you choose after the first year.

Why do you limit the choice of themes to four?

We’ve researched the best way to present textile art online and believe that these four themes showcase fiber-based artwork in a beautiful and professional way. They are all highly customisable, meaning that if you choose the Artist Portfolio Extra package or the Artist Portfolio Pro package, we can change colours, fonts, and certain lay-out elements to suit your particular needs. If however you’d prefer to find your own WordPress theme from a third party (like and have us build your site, we’re happy to discuss this, just get in touch by clicking here to discuss a tailored-package.

What happens if I’m not happy with my website?

We strive to meet your requirements as accurately as possible and create a high quality/low maintenance website for each one of our customers. You get to see the theme on which your site will be built before we do the majority of the work, meaning you have a very good idea of what the site will look like once your work is showcased on it. With the Artist Online Portfolio Extra package you are entitled to two rounds of amendments if necessary, meaning that we can fix anything you’re unhappy with. With the Artist Online Portfolio Pro package you get 4 rounds of amendments.

How long does it take to build my artist website?

That will depend on how quickly we received the required content (text and images) from you and which package you have chosen. We aim to have a website completed within 5 weeks of the order being placed.

Why aren’t amendments included on the Basic package?

Because you get to see the theme on which your site will be built prior to us actually doing the majority of the work, amendments aren’t usually necessary on a simple site. On the basic package you don’t get the choice to customise colours or fonts so you’ll know even more accurately from the theme example what your site will look like. The Basic package provides an option for artists on a budget and the service reflects that; a simple site built quickly and without fuss, with no bells or whistles.

How do I update my site with new images or text?

Updates are only included on the Artist Portfolio Pro package and then only twice a year. You will receive a comprehensive tutorial which teaches you how to easily and quickly add images and edit text on your site as well as add blog posts etc. This process requires very little technical expertise as it is extremely simple. However if you feel you’d like someone else to do it for you, contact us here to get a quote for updates.

How many pages can I have on my website?

Most artists are best served by having only a few essential pages on their site. As the site is built to represent a single artist in most cases, the site easy navigation and simplicity are the key. On the Artist Online Portfolio Basic package you get 4 pages (Home, About, Gallery and Contact). The solution that best serves most artists is Artist Online Portfolio Extra because this package allows the addition of a Blog and a few other pages.

What content should be on my artist website?

The images and textual information on a website is its content. On the Basic and Extra plans you’ll write the text for your site pages yourself, but on the Extra plan we’ll make suggestions for edits and improvements. On the Pro plan we can handle all the copywriting for you if you let us have the appropriate information. We have written a guide to what specifically should be on each page (Home, About, Gallery etc.) which we’ll send you in an email after you’ve signed up. For an artist website the emphasis is very much on visual impact of the site, so nothing is more important than good quality original images that accurately depict your work.

What if I already have a domain name?

To make our service pain-free we include a free domain name with each purchase, but if you have already bought a domain name, no problem! We’ll just need to point it towards the site we build for you.

Will my website be supported by all major browsers and all devices?

All of the major browsers are supported in the themes we use. Your site will be responsive (meaning that it adjusts to the size of the window it is being displayed in) and should look great in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Chrome, and Opera, as well as on Smartphones and tablet devices.

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